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Infineon's XMC Microcontroller Boards for Arduino

This repository integrates Infineon's XMC microcontrollers into the Arduino IDE and PlatformIO IDE.


Supported Microcontroller Boards

Additional Information

Please visit also the Wiki for additional information, e.g. datasheets, pin out diagrams, etc.:

XMC-for-Arduino Wiki

Additionally, please consult the releases for information about the changes and new versions.

Installation Instructions

Prework for SEGGER J-Link

In order to use and program the Infineon XMC microcontrollers in the Arduino IDE, SEGGER J-Link must be installed on your PC. Please follow this link to SEGGER J-Link and install the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack for your operating system. If you have already installed 'DAVE™ - Development Platform for XMC™ Microcontrollers', you can skip this step as the respective drivers/programs are already installed on your system.


Note: The XMC-for-Arduino BSP installs the XMC Flasher tool used to flash the compiled firmware (.hex) into the XMC device. However this tool requires Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment to be installed in the host system. Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment version 1.8.0 is known to be compatible with the tool.

Using Arduino IDE


Paste the following URL into the 'Additional Boards Manager URLs' input field under File > Preferences to add Infineon's microcontroller boards to the Arduino IDE.

Easier to copy (no clickable link):

Adding a Board JSON

To install the boards, please navigate to Tools > Board > Boards Manager... and search for XMC. You will find options to install the board files for the microcontrollers. Click "Install" to add the boards to your Arduino IDE.

Infineon Board Entry

Note: For information on separation of release packages from version 2.0.0 onwards, see below.

In the boards list Tools > Board, the XMC microcontroller boards are added and can be used from now on.

Board List

Important Notes

  • This integration will only work for Arduino IDE >=1.5
  • The XMC1100 Boot Kit has limitations if compared to the official Arduino boards (consult the XMC-for-Arduino Wiki for more information)
  • Refer also to the file for further information
  • Arduino 1.8.0 IDE might have problems with the XMC-for-Arduino releases
  • XMC-for-Arduino support for 'arm-linux-gnueabihf' only until version 1.1.

Separation of release packages from version 2.0.0 onwards

Certain obsolete boards (see wiki) and non-functional libraries were removed from the board support package for the release version 2.0.0, alongwith some other major changes (see release notes). However, in order to support legacy code, these removed boards/libraries are still available as a part of release version 1.7.0. Hence, the release packages have been split as shown in the pictures below.

Board Manager

The boards until version 1.7.0 have been clubbed under XMC Family V1.x.

Board list v1x

Any new board or feature integration will only be done in the XMC Family V2.x

Board list v1x

Using PlatformIO IDE

Contributing and Third Party Libraries

To contribute enhancements, fixes and the like see in root folder

Third Party or external library maintainers see in root folder

Also see Wiki for any additional information

Additional Contributors