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Get Started with OPTIGA™ Trust M IoT Security Development Kit

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OPTIGA™ Trust M Get Started Guide for OPTIGA™ Trust IoT Security Development Kit


This repository contain instructions on how to get started on the above mentioned Developer Kit. The kit comes preflashed and is ready to use. It will connect to AWS IoT with crypto support from OPTIGA™ Trust M. We already linked the kit to the Infineon AWS IoT account and a public dashboard is available to show the live data. If you push a button on the board live data is sent from the kit which can be seen on the dashboard.

  • You can find more information about the security chip in the core repository


  • Create a wifi hotspot: ssid:Infineon; passwd:tischtennis
  • Hook up the board to a USB port with the micro usb cable that is shipped with the board. (you should see a blue led).
  • Wait for 20 seconds (in case you use your phone for the hotspot your phone will highlight if board is connected)
  • Use you phone to scan to QR code on the board to see the live data. (simulated dashboard )
  • Push the user button (labeled: USR_BTN) that you can find just down left from the QR code.
  • If you push the button a few times you will see the button status is reflected in the graph of the dashboard.

How develop your own example with ModusToolbox™

  • Follow the steps here.


In case you run into a problem and no live data can be seen on the dashboard follow the steps below to see where things go wrong.

  • Make sure that the wifi hotspot is open (scan with your computer to see the available ssid)
  • Make sure there is no typo in the password
  • Be sure that the USB port that you use can supply enough power to run the board (try another port)
  • If you still run into problems download teraterm and connect to the virtual Com port of the board.