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Buildout recipe for templating files with version information from Git repositories. In most Git repositories, you'll see a 'version bump' commit for releases, because the version tag is hard-coded, and we hate it. So, we have this buildout recipe, which inherits from collective.recipe.template by adding a new section:

version = <git describe>.strip('v')
author = <git head commit author>
author_email = <git head commit author email>
homepage = <see description below>

The home deduction is being done in the following order:

  • The value of option homepage in section project in the buildout.cfg file
  • The url of git remote origin is being parsed, and attempted to be translated into a browser-friendly url
  • As a last resort, a None value is set

For example:

  • git:// is translated to


Here's an example for a buildout.cfg file that uses this recipe:

include-site-packages = false
unzip = true
parts =

recipe = infi.recipe.template.version
output =

Checking out the code

Run the following:

easy_install -U infi.projector
projector devenv build
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