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The INFINIDAT Kubernetes Provisioner enables the user to create persistent volumes for their containerized applications. These persistent volumes are dynamically provisioned volumes/filesystem created on InfiniBox storage array.

you can use installer to deploy provisioner. After it is installed, it runs as a pod in any of the Kubernetes node and carries out provisioning when a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) is raised. The administrator carries out the installation and creates Storage Class and the developer can create PVCs. The provisioner supports the following features:

• Executes as a Kubernetes deployment and is available as a downloadable package

• Responds to Kubernetes PVC and creates file systems or volumes as required on InfiniBox

• Supports iSCSI, FC and NFS protocols

• Multipathing supported for iSCSI and FC protocols

• Provides detailed logging of the operations done by the provisioner