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smb.cli Purpose is to give single interface of managing SMB MS failvoer cluster with InfiniBox. Current capabilities include:

  • Managing MS and InfiniBox config.
  • Creating Clustered filesystems which reside on InfiniBox.
  • Creating SMBv3 file shares on the MS cluster
  • Setting Quotas


Go to Download the latest msi package Verify msi using the md5sum. You can get help for the setup using the the pdf docs attached to the release Install using the grafical interface at default path location. (C:\Program Files\Infinidat\smb.cli)


If you'd like to develop and build from scratch this package you have 2 options:

(Option 1 ) Developing on top of the MSI installation ( less recommended )

In this option install the MSI package. Perform the changes you'd like in the code. Override your new code with the code folder here: C:\Program Files\Infinidat\smb.cli\src\smb\cli
The "new" version now contains your fixes ( assuming no new python dependencies where added )

(Option 2) Create you own development enviroment

  1. Get a windows 2016
  2. install python and make sure you can succesfuly run infi.projector module 
  1. Clone the smb.cli code
git clone <add repo name here>
  1. Perform the changes you'd like
  2. Build a new version and copy or pack
projector devenv build --use-isolated-python 
  1. If you'd like to install the code on another host pack the code using:
projector devenv pack

MSI will be presented in <project_root/parts>

General Notes and Limitations

Paths in this projects are absolute paths ! Powershell is used in this project and takes only Absolut path for most of it's commands / scripts Therefore make sure, project is installed at the right location. Host Power Tools ( HPT ) should also be installed at it's default location.


smbmgr is a cli interface to manage MS smb cluster with InfiniBox integration







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