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<h2>NSAttributedString HTML Additions</h2>
<p>This project aims to duplicate the methods <u>present on Mac OSX</u> which allow creation of <font face="Courier" color="blue">NSAttributedString</font> from HTML code.
This is useful for drawing simple rich text - like this document - without having to use a UIWebView.</p>
<p>At <em>present</em> the following tags are <b>supported</b>:</p>
<ul><li>Headers <b>H1</b> - <b>H6</b></li><li>Paragraphs: <b>P</b></li><li>Bold: <b>B</b>, <b>STRONG</b></li><li>Italic: <b>I</b>, <b>EM</b></li>
<li>Underline <b>U</b></li>
<li>Superscript <b>SUP</b> and Subscript <b>SUB</b>, e.g. e = mc<sup>2</sup> (Drawing missing)</li>
<li><b>FONT</b> (face and color, not size). It would be great if we could support many more styles</li>
<li>Unordered Lists <b>LI</b></li>
<li>Ordered Lists <b>OL</b></li></ul>
<p>Currently attributes are inherited by enclosed tags via 'brute force'. I don't know if this is accurate.</p>
<h3>To Do</h3>
<li>Decode HTML Entities</li>
<li>A HREF tags, to format links</li>
<li>More styles, as far as supported by CoreText</li>
<li>Run Delegate: make room for IMG and draw the IMG</li>
<li>Run Delegate: Characters with super/subscript need baseline adjusted when drawn</li>
<li>Caret Positioning</li>
<li>Hit Detection on strings attributed with HREF</li>
<li>Text Insertion</li>
<p>There is still quite a few more things to do on the project. DEL, possibly CSS styles as they related to fonts and text formatting.</p>

<h3>Please Help!</h3>
<p>If you find brief test cases where the created <font face="Courier" color="blue">NSAttributedString</font> differs from the version on OSX please send them to us!</p><p>Follow <font color="red">@cocoanetics</font> on Twitter</p>
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