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Search our vast list of bots for an exciting start to your Discord Server.

The future of Discord Bot Listing Services, we make it easier for you to advertise and grow your bots using our vanity links, widgets, bot packs and more! Search our vast list of bots for an exciting start to your Discord Server. Filter by name, category, tags and description to find a bot that suits your needs!

Looking for v3?

The old code for v3 can be found at to reduce clutter here!.

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  1. Documentation Documentation Public template

    Documentation Site for Infinity Bot List

    MDX 8 5

  2. node-sdk node-sdk Public

    The official node sdk for interacting with all of our services and modules.

    TypeScript 3

  3. Arcadia Arcadia Public

    Rewrite of the Discord Bot used for Managing the Infinity Bot List Servers.

    Rust 3 3

  4. Popplio Popplio Public

    REST API for V3 and core backend for v4

    Go 3 1

  5. Nightheart Nightheart Public

    TypeScript 1 1

  6. Enfinity Enfinity Public

    Official Support/Management bot for the Infinity Bot List servers.

    TypeScript 1


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