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package modules::local::rakudolog;
use strict;
use warnings;
use base 'modules::local::githubparser';
=head1 NAME
This is a subclass of modules::local::githubparser. It adds a parser to emit
rakudo commits.
Normally rakudo commits are configured automatically by
modules::local::autofeed. However, that autoconfig sends the messages to
magnet's #parrot, whereas we want rakudo commits to go to freenode's #perl6 as
=head1 METHODS
=head2 init
This is a pseudo-method called by botnix when the module is first loaded. It
hands the URL to the github parser module and tells it to emit to freenode's
#perl6. (If a rakudo parser was already configured, it will consolidate the
config and simply add the freenode channel to the list of targets.)
my $url = '';
sub init {
['freenode', '#perl6'],
['master', 'ng'],
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