RSS feed plugins for the IRC bot running on MagNET's #parrot. (The bot is running botnix.)
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This is the dalek-plugins repo.  It's where I hack on the RSS feed plugins
running on "dalek", a bot in #parrot on the MagNET IRC network (

The bot is running the "botnix" software.  These are botnix plugins, written
in Perl.  They register a timer callback, which polls RSS feeds and creates
channel output as necessary.


Parrot is quickly spreading out, and all of a sudden there are lots of source
control repositories to keep up with.  But we still want to see all of these
awesome things happening, regardless of where the commit went.  To do this, we
need to track lots of RSS and ATOM feeds.  We also track feeds from a couple of
parrot-related wikis.


Fortunately, the servers providing these feeds are generally only running one of
a very few software packages, like trac, github, googlecode, or svnweb.  Thus,
we only really need one parser per server software type, and the actual plugins
can be simple subclasses which just specify the feed location and repo name.  
This is already done, at least for github and googlecode.  Others are on the way.