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Enter requirements data into a Google sheets spreadsheet and seamlessly import that data into SpiraTeam
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SpiraTeam Google Sheets Integration Add-on

The web-based interface of SpiraTeam® is ideal for creating and managing requirements, test cases and incidents for a new project. However when migrating requirements, test cases, test steps and incidents for an existing project from another system, it is useful to be able to load in a batch of artifacts, rather than having to manually enter them one at a time.

To simplify this task we’ve created a Google sheets add-on for SpiraTeam® that can export requirements, test cases, test steps and incidents from a generated spreadsheet into SpiraTeam®.

SpiraTeam Google Sheets Integration Screenshot


The add-on runs using the Google App Script Engine so all of the files must be downloaded into a single file and run using Google App Script. Google App Script Docs.

The easiest path is to simply create a new Google App Script project and import all of the downloaded files, then you may test the code in an IDE-like test environment.


You must have a SpiraTeam® account with the proper permissions to utilize this app. For usage instructions reference the SpiraTeam® documentation located at SpiraTeam® Product Add-ons and Downloads.

Working with the Code

As an add-in to Google Sheets, this code uses Google Apps Script. To run and test the app you need to install the code inside the Google Apps Script Editor - with code in Google Drive. This environment allows simple testing of the add-in on a Google worksheet.

The code is commented relatively fully throughout. In overview:

  • HTML files describe the UI
  • there is a small amount of custom CSS but generally it is based on default Google design standards for the package
  • client side js is in the .js.html files. As with the CSS these are actually just HTML files. They are added as templates inside the base HTML file.
  • client side js controls user interactions with the HTML ui - ie the add-in UI. For instance, when a button is clicked this js will send a call to the server, and will also handle success/failure messages from the server
  • Because server code cannot store dynamic information, the js also stores data - both static base data and user selected data. This can then be sent to the server as needed
  • there is one file. This is all the server side code - it is standard javascript, but limited to older functionality (ie no map or reduce functions). It also allows calling of all relevant Google Apps Script classes and methods. This code handles all access to the sheet data, manipulation of the sheet, and getting and sending data to Spira.
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