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Akomba Labs were tasked with an audit of part of Sentinel Chain's Orion Testnet.


Sentinel Chain is running several chains linked to each other and the main net by POA Network token bridges.

The audit brief at this stage is to validate and evaluate the impact of customisations to these token bridge contracts.

The contracts in question are currently:

/contracts/bridge/upgradeable_contracts/Whitelistable.sol * NEW
/contracts/bridge/TollBox.sol * NEW
/contracts/token/SeniToken.sol * NEW
/contracts/token/SeniTokenConfig.sol * NEW
/contracts/shared/IWhitelist.sol * NEW
/contracts/share/Whitelist.sol * NEW

Those marked * New are completely new contracts, the rest are modified from POA Network's token bridge contracts.

Priciples of audit

We worked with the assumption that the audit of the original POA network code was performed satisfactorily and therefore only looked at the changes to the code.

We enquired about the reason for those changes and examined the code for:

  1. Whether they achieve the desired results.
  2. Security issues.
  3. Gas consumption.

Owing to the complexity of the entire system the system was audited by examining the code and checking for known security issues.


The code was generally both well written and effective.

A few recommendations were made regarding code structure, particularly regarding to gas usage.

Our conclusion is that the code is ready to be deployed.


The contracts use openzeppelin version 1.10.0 which can be found at

The code will be contrasted to POA Network's version :



Added Whitelistable

onTokenTransfer implements the fee structure on bridging tokens.

if tollAddress

    burn all


    source must be whiteListed
    value > tollFee
    take tollValue
    burn the rest


import "./BasicBridge.sol"; - extra functions
  import "../IBridgeValidators.sol"; - Identical
  import "./OwnedUpgradeability.sol"; - Identical
    import "../IOwnedUpgradeabilityProxy.sol"; - Identical
  import "../upgradeability/EternalStorage.sol"; - Identical
  import "../libraries/SafeMath.sol"; - Identical
  import "./Validatable.sol"; - Identical
    import "../IBridgeValidators.sol"; * repeat
    import "../upgradeability/EternalStorage.sol"; * repeat
  import "./Ownable.sol"; - Identical
    import "../upgradeability/EternalStorage.sol"; * repeat
  import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20Basic.sol"; * Audited

import "../IBurnableMintableERC677Token.sol"; - Identical
  import "./ERC677.sol"; - Identical
    import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol"; * Audited


Adds functions to set and get toll amount and address.


Constructor initalises extra values in EternalStorage.

  • WhiteList
  • TollAddress
  • TollFee

Removes requirement that (homeGasPrice > 0)

onExecuteAffirmation - Now extracts a toll from all valid transfers, claims all funds from invalid ones.


update `totalExecutedPerDay`
mint all tokens to recipient address

New: if the address is whiteListed and the recipient is not the toll address and the value is greater than the toll

    mint the toll_fee => tollAddress
    update `totalExecutedPerDay` by adding (value - toll_fee)
    mint the value - toll_fee to the recipient


    mint everything to the toll_fee address


import "../../libraries/SafeMath.sol"; - covered
import "../../libraries/Message.sol"; - identical
import "../BasicBridge.sol"; - covered
import "../../upgradeability/EternalStorage.sol"; - covered
import "../../../shared/ERC677/IBurnableMintableERC677Token.sol"; - covered
import "../../../shared/ERC677/ERC677Receiver.sol"; - Identical
import "../BasicHomeBridge.sol"; - Identical
import "../ERC677Bridge.sol"; - covered
import "../OverdrawManagement.sol"; - Identical

Completely New Contracts


This provides features for a whitelist to be defined in EthernalStorage and it check if an address is whitelisted.


Interface to WhiteList.


Standard Whitelist contract using Operator.


Standard Operator contract.


limited interface to ValidatorSet.


Allows adding and removing validators, checking if an address IS a validator.

SeniToken / SeniTokenConfig

Derives from Zeppelin Burnable, Mintable ERC20 token with ERC677 onTokenTransfer function requirement in transferAndCall:

transfer requires that destination be whitelisted, if contract tries to call tokenFallback, emits failEvent if tokenFallback reverts, cannot send to bridgeContract

transferAndCall requires that destination be whitelisted, if contract, reverts if tokenFallBack reverts

transferFrom requires that destination be whitelisted, allowance to spend and source ownership of sufficient tokens

mint , burn and burnFrom functions standard.

mint requires minter status

burn requires ownership of sufficient tokens

burnFrom requires allowance to spend and source ownership of sufficient tokens

NOTE: with this implementation, the return value of onTokenTransfer cannot be checked, only if it reverts.


Receives the bridge fees.

Tokens sent to it from a creditor using the transfer function cross to the main net.

Creditors can withdraw a limited amount of fees daily.


The contracts were efficiently and accurately coded. Being modified from the POA Network Bridge Contracts limited much of the scope for errors since these contracts are already audited.

There were a few small issues that have been addressed.




function executeSignatures Remove messageWithinLimits check, onFailedMessage removed because no longer needed

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