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Coagmento Logo Coagmento 2.0

This is the next version of Coagmento, which is under active development. Coagmento is a service for users to share information and collaborate when browsing the web. Coagmento features:

  • An open API and robust back-end built with Laravel
  • A realtime feed of user activity
  • An up to date Firefox extension using the Firefox Add-on SDK
  • An easy and documented setup for running your own custom studies

Coagmento is split into four main services.

Coagmento Core Consists of the main Coagmento web application and API. See Installation Instructions
Coagmento Realtime Enables realtime data updates and chat. See Installation Instructions
Coagmento Thumbnails Generates web page thumbnails. See Installation Instructions
Coagmento Docs Allows collaborative document editing (using Etherpad). See Installation Instructions

More information about developing for Coagmento can be found on the wiki.

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