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Utility programs for SAP ArchiveLink entries
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InfoSpire is pleased to release a suite of general use utility programs for SAP ArchiveLink®; which organizations can use to help make the management of their SAP ArchiveLink® implementations more efficient.


We here at InfoSpire have found that some management tasks require more functionality than what the SAP ArchiveLink® platform offers out of the box. The utilities released here allow end users to perform the corresponding activities more effectively when the utility's corresponding Use Case comes up. Our hope is that these utilities will help users be more efficient at executing functions associated with managing an SAP ArchiveLink® deployment.

Utility List

Name Purpose
AlinkChangeOAC3 Used to mass modify TCode OAC3 Records.
AlinkDeleteDocs Used to delete/cleanup ArchiveLink tables entries.


The Apache License v2.0 is used for all development objects.
Apache License

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