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Correct English locale to match terminology of built-in exceptions di…

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Infocatcher committed Sep 4, 2012
1 parent 4fd2f0c commit f365011ed72f6757f5f5f08eb15d0825ac805066
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  1. +8 −8 Cookies_Permissions/cookiesPermissions.js
@@ -27,22 +27,22 @@ function _localize(sid) {
var strings = {
en: {
defaultTooltiptext: "Cookies: Default",
denyTooltiptext: "Cookies: Deny",
allowSessionTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow Session",
denyTooltiptext: "Cookies: Block",
allowSessionTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow for Session",
allowTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow",
notAvailableTooltiptext: "Cookies: n/a",
unknownTooltiptext: "Cookies: ???",
errorTooltiptext: "Cookies: Error!",

defaultDenyTooltiptext: "Cookies: Deny (Default)",
defaultAllowSessionTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow Session (Default)",
defaultDenyTooltiptext: "Cookies: Block (Default)",
defaultAllowSessionTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow for Session (Default)",
defaultAllowTooltiptext: "Cookies: Allow (Default)",

defaultLabel: "Default",
defaultAccesskey: "f",
denyLabel: "Deny",
denyAccesskey: "D",
allowSessionLabel: "Allow Session",
defaultAccesskey: "D",
denyLabel: "Block",
denyAccesskey: "B",
allowSessionLabel: "Allow for Session",
allowSessionAccesskey: "S",
allowLabel: "Allow",
allowAccesskey: "A",

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