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#jsdicom Dicom library and viewer written in javascript.

##Dicom parsing The dicom parser can handle Implicit VR Little-endian, Explicit VR Little-endian and Explicit VR Big-endian. Sequences are not yet handled correctly.

Parsing files:

var parser = new DicomParser(buffer);
var file = parser.parse_file();

##Visualization Visualisation is done with WebGL. The pixel data is converted to a WebGL texture. Different fragment shaders are used for different photometric interpretations. Windowing and CLUT is done in shaders.

##Browser support Any WebGL-enabled browser should work. Browsing local files works from Firefox OOTB, Chrome needs to be started with --allow-file-access-from-files. There exists a canvas-painter which runs without WebGL-support but it's not as complete as the GL-painter. The idea is to test for WebGL-support and use the canvas-painter as a fallback. (The performance of GL-painter is a lot better than for canvas-painter)

##Status This is still a work in progress, but basic functionality is in place. TODOs include:

  • JPEG2000 decoded data
  • Coronal and sagital reslicing.
  • PET/CT fusing
  • Measurements and ROIs

##Licensing jsdicom is GPL-licensed.


  • Daniel 'diggidanne' Erlandsson
  • Rickard Holmberg

Developed by Infogosoft AB

Contributions are very much welcome!