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Leetcode Solution With Scala build-pass

ID Problem Solution TestCase
58 length-of-last-word Solution TestCase
345 reverse-vowels-of-a-string Solution TestCase


Integrate Scala-test and Junit in Scala

After I develop

  • 单纯用 Intellij IDEA + JUnit 可以在本地 IDEA 上跑测试用例,但用 sbt test 命令行测试的话会提 no tests are executed

  • 解决方法是在 build.sbt 后面加 testOptions += Tests.Argument(TestFrameworks.JUnit, "-q", "-v") 具体原因参考:Scala-Junit-Integration

Current Status

This project is temporarily deprecated. Because:

  1. I have transfered my focus from Big Data to other areas. In other words, Even there are development requirements, Java/Pyspark will be enough.

  2. Leetcode has began to support scala officialy with more adequate test data.

But maybe this project will reopen one day.thx for your support.