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AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

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AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

There is online documentation here:

Quick example

Defining an Admin class is pretty easy: simply define fields as properties

class PostAdmin extends Admin
    protected $form = array(
        'author' => array('edit' => 'list'),
        'enabled' => array('form_field_options' => array('required' => false)),
        'tags'     => array('form_field_options' => array('expanded' => true)),
        'commentsEnabled' => array('form_field_options' => array('required' => false)),

    protected $list = array(
        'title' => array('identifier' => true),

    protected $filter = array(

Screenshots :

Of course, power users will be happy as an Admin class is very flexible as all dependencies are injected by the DIC.


  • Dashboard

  • List

    • Automatic sort
    • Link to associated admin (Post => User)
    • Custom templates
    • Row Action : edit, view, ...
    • Batch Action
    • Clever row visualisation : boolean values are represented with 'check picture'
    • Filter
    • Pagination
  • Edit/Create

    • Inline edition
    • Association management (create related model with + icon)
    • Group fields
    • Sortable option
    • Modal window to select model (when the list can be important)
    • Dynamic form on [one|many]-to-many association (add new element)
  • Templating

    • base templates (field, list, filter) can be overwritten
    • layout templates can be defined into the Service Container
  • Others

    • Nested Admin, ie /news/post/5/comment/list : filter and create comments only for the post with id=5
    • Contextual Breadcrumb
    • persistent parameters across an Admin
    • side menu option
    • Translated into 8 languages : DE, EN, ES, FR, NL, PL, RU and UK.
    • Built to be extended
    • Explain command line utility

More information

There is online documentation here:

If you want to contribute to this documentation, you need to go to the Resources/doc folder where the reStructuredText documentation is available. Please note the Github preview might break and hide some content.

Usage examples


  • create the ODM version
  • save filter criteria
  • export list
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