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An OpenGL-based OpenSource network and graph drawing library for .NET and Mono
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An OpenSource, OpenGL-based network and graph visualization framework for .NET 4.0 / Mono 2.10x and higher.

Main features

  • Efficient rendering of large networks based on OpenGL and OpenTK
  • Support for the visualization of temporal networks (both as aggregated and dynamic representation)
  • Visualization modes using straight and customizable curved edges
  • Integrated PDF export
  • Simple and clean network interface that does not impose constraints on how you implement networks in your code
  • Simple to use in your own code, a single line of code is sufficient to fire up an OpenGL visualization and start exploring a network
  • Easy-to-grasp interface for custom graph layouting algorithms
  • Integrated multi-core aware Fruchterman-Reingold layout which makes use of all available cores
  • Integrated frame grabbing capabilities that allow to produce high quality videos
  • Full mouse control allows panning, zooming and selection of nodes
  • Fully customizable coloring of background, nodes and edges
  • Node and edge sizes and colors can be conveniently and dynamically computed based on elegant lambda expression interface
  • No external dependencies except OpenTK (libraries included)
  • Fully documented: Each method and field is explained and in-method comments help you to understand and extend the existing code
  • Integrated, maximally simple demo that can be used as boilerplate code for your own project
  • Platform-independent, built on OpenTK, runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux

A screenshot of the OpenTK visualization window is shown below:

Screenshot of the NETVisualizer demo included in the project

Have fun and feel free to send me your comments and questions!

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