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Hi HivyLite is a litle form request build with nodejs react+redux and sequelize(postgresql)

How To Install

  • First you need to clone this repo you can download zip or use

git clone

  • After you need to install you local database you can use the sh script in app/database/install.shuse

cd app/database; sh

-> Install database //script launching ...

-> choose your host .... // write your host

<- localhost //my host for this db is now localhost

-> choose Name For your DATABSE ... // write your db name

<- hivylite

-> install process ....

its possible script ask your pass for root right just give it and install continue

-> do you want install hivyLite table ? (y/n) // write n case we have migration in node server

  • then go in app/models/Db.js and set db if you dont name your db 'hivylite' e;g newdb

  • this.sequelize = new this.postgres('newdb', 'postgres', 'postgres',{

    host : 'localhost',


    logging: false });

  • ok now db is ready go to install dependencies do in HivyLite

npm install npm install --only=dev -g

  • after you can use webpack for dev or for create dist so in HivyLite

webpack or webpack --watch //if you want dev

  • then go at dist folder and launch server

cd dist; node server.js


  • type /* for show all request and all products

type your request and form will show if your product's request is available

  • for do a custom request type /* select your product and erase /* type ypur request name instead