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Electric Imp Environmental Data Streamer



There are a lot of Internet-connected devices out there and the price is only going down. But usually the cheaper they are, the harder they are program and make secure. The Electric Imp is a platform paired with hardware that makes connecting to the Internet quickly, securely, and seamlessly a piece of cake. It does all the hard network work for you without you having to change a thing. That way, you can focus on what data you want it to collect and send.

It's super cool looking, the first time you flash it (a.k.a. send a "BlinkUp") will blow your mind, it updates over-the-air, and you can get the entire kit for $30 on Amazon right now.

Project level: Beginner
Approximate time to complete: 20 minutes
Data points produced per month: 51,840

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • connect your Imp-powered breakout board to a local WiFi network
  • attach an environmental sensor tail to measure temperature, humidity, lux, and pressure
  • use the Electric Imp IDE to stream collected data to a cloud visualization service (
  • turn that information into your personal dashboard that you can access on your laptop or mobile device

Part 1: Equipment >>