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Cellular & GPS Enabled Pi Zero: Fona + Pi Zero


What if your Raspberry Pi Zero could access internet services from anywhere? What if your Fona Cellular GSM and GPS breakout had the brains of a full Linux computer behind it? What if you could access the Fona's cellular capabilities and GPS data from a Raspberry Pi at the same time?

Well, you'd have a pretty sweet start to any IoT project you can think of. And this tutorial's gonna help you do it.

Project level: Advanced Beginner
Approximate time to complete: 40 minutes
Approximate impressiveness: Immeasurable

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • setup a serial connection between the Fona and the Pi Zero
  • learn how to use the Fona's cellular connection to give the Zero internet access
  • learn how to access the Fona's built-in GPS
  • setup the Pi Zero to collect GPS info and then stream it over a cellular connection

Note: If you're looking to use a Pi Zero W or Pi 3, see here.

Part 1: Equipment >>

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