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Who doesn't love a good cell-connected board? I sure do. And the Particle Electron gives me a whole lot more reason to love it than just having a cellular connection. It looks cool. It's tiny. It has a TON of pins, including PWMs. It comes with a battery and easy plug-in connector. It has the headers pre-soldered on. It comes with a SIM card. It comes with a data plan.

Need I say more?

In this project, I'll go over how to setup your Particle Electron, attach a GPS module, and stream GPS data to a web-connected dashboard. For a mere $112 and about an hour, you can have a portable, streaming GPS that's reliable, rechargeable, and reprogrammable over-the-air.

Project level: Beginner (with soldering skills)
Approximate time to complete: Less than an hour
Practicality: Extreme. A portable streaming GPS is always useful.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • Setup your Electron and connect it to the Cloud
  • Attach and read from the GPS
  • Stream data from the Electron to a web service using Webhooks
  • Build a map dashboard that you can access from your browser

Part 1: Equipment >>