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My Anime List Updater Script

A simple PHP script to update your now playing anime from MALUpdater or Taiga. It can be used to public display your now playing on your website (e.g. my profile).

Script Set Up

  • Create the table to store data using the SQL script on MySQL.
  • Modify the PHP file to specify the correct variables, and upload this file to your local or publicly accessible web server. As this is a simple script, it is recommended to change the filename to something different to prevent spam.
  • Send HTTP POST requests to the URL in which this PHP file is located.

Taiga Set Up

  • In Settings > Sharing > HTTP, enable "Send HTTP request, and specify the full URL to the PHP file. It can be local, or publicly accessible. Include the code query string.
  • Change the format string as follows: user=%user%&name=%title%&ep=%episode%&eptotal=$if(%total%,%total%,?)&score=%score%&picurl=%image%&animeID=%id% Taiga Screenshot


PHP script to update your now playing anime from MAL Updater or Taiga. Now consolidated into Injabie3/scripts





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