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An elegant static blog generator
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InkPaper is an static blog generator developed by Golang, No dependencies, Cross platform, Easy use, Fast build, Elegant theme.

release apm

InkPaper - An Elegant Static Blog Generator

Quick Start

  • Download & Extract Ink,Run ink preview

    Tips:Linux/macOS, use ./ink preview

  • Open http://localhost:8000 in browser to preview

Website Configuration

Edit config.yml, use format:

    title: Website Title
    subtitle: Website Subtitle
    limit: Max Article Count Per Page
    theme: Website Theme Directory
    comment: Comment Plugin Variable (Default is disqus username)
    root: Website Root Path #Optional
    lang: Website Language #Support en, zh, ru, ja, Configurable in theme/lang.yml
    url: Website URL #For RSS Generating
    link: Article Link Scheme #Default Is {title}.html,Support {year},{month},{day},{hour},{minute},{second},{title} Variables

        name: Author Name
        intro: Author Motto
        avatar: Author Avatar Path

    output: Build Output Directory #Optional, Default is "public"
    port: Preview Port
        - Copied Files When Build
    publish: |
        Excuted command when use 'ink publish'


Create any .md file in source directory (Support subdirectory), use format:

title: Article Title
date: Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second #Created Time,Support TimeZone, such as " +0800"
update: Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second #Updated Time,Optional,Support TimeZone, such as " +0800"
author: AuthorID
cover: Article Cover Path #Optional
draft: false #If Draft,Optional
top: false #Place article to top, Optional
preview: Article Preview,Also use <!--more--> to split in body #Optional
tags: #Optional
    - Tag1
    - Tag2
type: post #Specify type is post or page, Optional
hide: false #Hide article,can be accessed via URL, Optional


Markdown Format's Body


  • Run ink publish in blog directory to automatically build and publish
  • Or run ink build to manually deploy generated public directory

Tips: When source directory changed,ink preview will automatically rebuild blog,refresh browser to update


Modify Theme

Default theme placed in theme folder, run npm install and npm run build to rebuild in this folder.

page page.html (article list) and article.html (article), use variable with Golang Template syntax.

New Page

Created any .html file will be copied to source directory, could use all variables on site field in config.yml.

Blog Migrate (Beta)

Support simple Jeklly/Hexo post convert, use:

ink convert /path/_posts

Build from source

Local Build

  1. Install Golang environment
  2. Run go get, compile and get ink
  3. Run ink preview $GOPATH/src/, preview blog

Docker Build (Example)

  1. Clone code git clone
  2. Build image docker build -t ink . in source directory
  3. Run container docker run -p 8888:80 ink


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CC Attribution-NonCommercial License 4.0

Issue Report

Change Log

  • [2018-07-27] Adds ink new command
  • [2017-02-25] Fix bugs and merge some PRs
  • [2016-07-11] Fix bugs and merge many PRs
  • [2015-08-15] Bug fix, support RSS feed, improve theme
  • [2015-07-04] Bug fix, improve theme, support top, i18n, subtemplate
  • [2015-06-04] Build more platform, add archive and tag page
  • [2015-03-01] Release first beta version

Develop Plan

  • Improve Theme
  • InkPaper Editor

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