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What the hell is it?

Cocaine is a fast and lightweight multi-language (you can easily write your own language binding) event-driven (also, you can easily write your own event drivers) task-based distributed application server built on top of ZeroMQ transport and MessagePack serialization library. Yeah, it is cool.

Notable features:

  • Apps are defined as a set of tasks, which trigger events in the app engine, which are then processed on a slave pool. Tasks can be servers, time-based jobs, filesystem monitors, etc.
  • Dynamic self-managing slave pools (threads or processes) for each app with a rich configuration to suit the application needs in the best way.
  • A single maintainance pubsub-based interface for each application for easy access to monitoring and runtime data.
  • Optional secure communications using RSA encryption.
  • Support for chunked responses and, soon, requests.
  • Automatic node discovery and smart peer-to-peer balancing. Note that ZeroMQ already offers built-in fair balancing features which you can use, although they do not consider real node load.
  • Simple modular design to add new languages, task types and slave backends easily.

At the moment, Cocaine supports the following languages and specifications:

  • C++
  • Python
  • [In Development] Perl
  • [In Development] JavaScript

The application tasks can be driven by any of the following drivers:

  • Recurring Timer (multiple jobs can be run if they are not finished in the timer intervals)
  • Drifting Timer (only one job can be run, hence the drift)
  • [In Development] Cron
  • [In Development] Manual Scheduler
  • Filesystem Monitor
  • ZeroMQ Server (Request-Response)
  • [In Development] ZeroMQ Subscriber (Publishing Chain)
  • Native Server
  • ZeroMQ Sink (Request-Publish)
  • Native Sink (Request-Publish)
  • [Planned] Raw Socket Server

An example

    "type": "python",
    "args": {
        "source": "/path/to/application",
    "engine": {
        "heartbeat-timeout": 60,
        "pool-limit": 20,
        "queue-limit": 5
    "tasks": {
        "aggregate": {
            "type": "recurring-timer",
            "interval": 60000
        "event": {
            "type" : "zeromq-server",
            "endpoint" : "tcp://lo:9100"
        "spool": {
            "type": "filesystem-monitor",
            "path": "/var/spool/my-app-data"

The JSON above is an application manifest, a description of the application you feed into Cocaine for it to be able to host it. In a distributed setup, this manifest will be sent to all the other nodes of the cluster automatically. Apart from this manifest, there is no other configuration needed to start serving the application.

Okay, I want to try it!

Then it's time to read our Wiki for installation instructions, reference manuals and cookies!