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The InnerSource Learning Path is a series of short training segments, each explaining one particular aspect of InnerSource. Each segment is composed of a video and corresponding written article, both of which contain the same information. Presenting that information in both written and spoken form allows people to learn in the way that is best for them.

Content Organization

Individual segments are grouped by common themes into sections. Currently, the four sections to the learning path are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Trusted Committer
  3. Contributor
  4. Product Owner

There is also the workbook, a collection of questions and answers on based on the videos and articles for people to check their knowledge against after consuming the material.

Community Collaboration

The InnerSource Learning Path is produced via the InnerSource Commons community. We coordinate our work in the #learning-path Slack channel. We track our tasks and discuss their status openly using our GitHub project Kanban board.

Typically, a card bundles tasks about one artifact (e.g. written articles accompanying one learning path section) or small milestones (e.g. finishing the post production of one section). You can infer whether a task is currently actively developed or under review based on the card's column in the Kanban board.

Repository Setup

This repository holds the backing/planning material for the videos, articles, and workbook as follows:

section-name/outline.asciidoc      // Contains an outline of all of the segments in this section.
section-name/01-first-topic-article.asciidoc    // Contains the text of the written articles, scripts and workbook assessments.
. . .
. . .
section-name/de   // Contains translations of the articles to German
section-name/zh   // Contains translations of the articles to Chinese
section-name/ll   // Contains translations of the articles to the two-letter language code
. . .
workbook/0n-section-name.asciidoc // Contains the part of the workbook matching the section's name.

After material is finished the scripts will be used to film videos. Each video should be about 5min in length. Each article should be about a page long. The idea is that a person could receive a link to an article or video and watch or read it without having to set aside time in advance to do so. Videos, articles, and workbooks will be published at and also at

How to Get Involved

Join the InnerSource Commons Slack via the signup link in the left bar of the website and join the #learning-path Slack channel. Once there you'll see the conversations we're having about producing this content and can join the work. Please remember that this group works under the Chatham House Rule that allows all of us to work in a safe environment for industrial cooperation and fostering external contributions.

If you want to hit the ground running then please:

See you there!


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