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Roles, Tasks, and Meetings

Become involved with the people and communications of Inner Source Patterns:

  • See our complete list of patterns (written, discussed, reviewed so far)
  • See Action Items for all who are interested in patterns:
    • Add any missing pattern or add new ones anytime
    • Add your name if you want to be on the author team. Mark your name in blue if you want to be the coordinator.
    • Add your name to the reviewer team if interested in the pattern
  • Coordinator role (per pattern): Setup meetings with pattern Authors to work through the patterns. Note the team can use Google docs or any other tool to work on the pattern. However github is the final destination for the patterns. It is recommended that github be kept as up-to-date as possible. Please keep the status and target updated for each pattern in the spreadsheet.
  • Every 2-4 weeks (or even sooner if necessary) we will have a meeting with a larger team and review the patterns. Meetings are coordinated through the innersource-commons google group e-mail list and the innersource-commons slack channel. See the google docs agenda.
  • Folks who want to join the InnerSource Patterns group but are new to this please let us know. We can bring you up to speed.

If you don't have access yet to the google drive shared folder, contact @thyao, @silona or @cedric on the Slack channel. They can add you to the google group. @cedric can ensure you have access to the #innersource-patterns slack channel.

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