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Potential new nomenclature

Below shows updated nomenclature around the maturity and state that each pattern can be in. Each pattern is either less or more mature (has a solution or doesn't), and goes through a multi-step review process.

Maturity and Review Steps as seen on Github

Pattern Maturity

  • A - Donut (Lacks Solution)
  • B - Unproven (Ideas)
  • C - Proven (Draft)

Review Steps

  • 0 - Incomplete
  • 1 - Do 1st Review
  • 2 - Needs Revision
  • 3 - Do 2nd Review
  • 4 - Finalize
  • 5 - Accepted


  • e.g., Donut pattern needing its 1st review
  • e.g., Unproven pattern that has been reviewed once and is in need of a revision

Explanation of changes

Context: Some of these fields were renamed from a prior version of our repository. The below describes the changes made.

I renamed it "Pattern Maturity", because this was formerly not clear to me what a 'Pattern Type' was. It did not speak to the fact that the 3 'types' were levels of how complete or mature the pattern is.

"Unproven" and "Proven" will take us getting used to, but they explain the maturity-level better than 'Idea' and 'Draft', which both can mean things not intended (Georg, Daniel, and I used them incorrectly multiple times). When these two states were explained on the head wiki page (now on README) it had in parenthesis that their difference was really how proven or unproven the solutions were. So, why not just use the explanation instead of words that can take on arbitrary meanings?

I kept "Donut" as I tried a couple meaningful names, but it just sounds too catchy/rememberable as Donut. It definetely needs an explanation next to it "(Lacks Solution)" wherever mentioned - when I was new I couldn't figure out the "donut" references.

The "Review Steps" refer to what needs to be done NEXT. This keeps reviews on track and knowing what comes next.

The numbering / order helps on Github to visualize and keep reviewers on track. The coloring also helps with visualization. Go check it out live

"Early Idea" tag is for Issues where very initial or place holder ideas can be placed. "Non-Pattern" can be used for meta Pull Requests such as edits to

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