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Trusted Committers

Trusted committers/collaborators/contributors (TC's) are those members of our community who we have explicitly added to our Github repository. These people have elevated rights, allowing them to send in changes directly to branches and to accept Pull Requests.

GitHub refers to these accounts as collaborators.

We ask that TC's still adhere to the Pull-Request mechanism, unless they are making changes to documentation where it is not realistic that anyone will review, or if there are easy typos/grammar fixes.

Who we add

We add most people who send any sizable change. We work on trust - with great privilege comes great responsibility!

Adding people off-the-bat encourages more contributions, displays trust, allows us to easily tag each other in reviews, and ensures there is always someone around to moderate the site, move reviews along, and accept Pull Requests! If anyone goes on vacation, there are a slew of others that could step in.

If you want to become a Collaborator, @ mention one of the Admins in an Issue.


There are currently a handful of Github Admins for this repository. They hold the ability to add collaborators and modify the repositories nuclear options (delete, rename, etc).

  • @nyeates - ask me first
  • @gruetter
  • @NewMexicoKid
  • @cewilliams
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