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Hey guys - I just realized that my affiliation was not current. Updated it.
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_data Added nav links to contact page Jun 25, 2019
_includes Updated _sidebar.html Sep 9, 2019
_layouts fixed jekyll build errors - updated config & update liquid templates Mar 29, 2019
_sass Update design per Bob Rigel. Add event info. Page tweaks. Mar 28, 2016
assets Group photo shot for Galway Spring 2019 ISC Summit May 8, 2019
events isc-inviter - innersourcecommons-inviter Aug 5, 2019
pages Update Sep 9, 2019
resources Correct spelling Sep 5, 2019
.gitignore tweaked build instructions, updated .gitignore Apr 9, 2019
.travis.yml Revert "Updated to Ruby 2.5.1; Jekyll 3.8" Jul 18, 2018
CNAME Identify FQDN for this site Mar 22, 2019 fix jekyll command-line Apr 9, 2019
Gemfile.lock Update module versions per @lenucksi, fixes InnerSourceCommons/infras… Mar 22, 2019
LICENSE-phlow Update license info Jun 13, 2016 fix link in README Apr 9, 2019
_config.yml commented out pagination Mar 30, 2019
cibuild Prep for move to FQDN hosting Mar 22, 2019

InnerSource Commons

This repo primarily serves to host the pages for InnerSource Commons. The master branch holds the source and the gh-pages branch holds the Jekyll rendered output.


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