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Donut 3: how to defeat the hierarchical constraints

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Title: Corporate culture constrains people to hierarchical goals

Statement of Problem: Corporate culture constrains people to hierarchical goals.

Context: In strongly hierarchical organizations, developers want to please their managers. Their managers may not support their people spending time on inner sourcing even if someone higher up does. In some countries, there is a strong cultural force to respect and obey authority.

Forces: To make inner sourcing work, you need to allow some developers outside your org to participate in your development. Managers have deadlines and they don’t see how having their people will help them achieve their goals and objectives. They may feel it slows them down. Even if there is nominal higher support for the goals, developers may still feel afraid to take that step.

Resolution: ??

Resulting Context: Developers feel empowered to spend at least 20% of their time on inner sourcing


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