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Donut 6: organizational mindset change

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Title: ??

Statement of Problem: How do you effect an organizational mindset change to support inner sourcing?

Context: Upper management, middle management and developers are not convinced to fully support inner sourcing. They are used to doing software development in the old way.

Forces: Changing an organizational mindset takes time and effort, which most organizations (feel they) cannot afford. Inner sourcing could bring about a lot of desirable benefits, but it takes time to ramp up to deliver them. Changing executive mindsets usually requires hype which then is hard deliver on. KPIs to prove the benefits are often required early but choosing the wrong KPIs can severely warp the program. Pressure from competitors and the market place makes management less willing to try significant change (deemed too risky).

Resolution: ??

Resulting Context: All of the company heartily adopts inner sourcing! Cake for everyone!


Status: Donut

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