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Donut: Bad weather for liftoff

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Bad weather for liftoff


  • Company A would like to start an InnerSource initiative in order to increase development speed and quality of software artefacts.
  • There are not many developers in company A, which are experienced in OSS development practices.
  • The company was not able to contract or hire an experienced InnerSourcerer.
  • Company A has put together a small team of software developers to work on a single project InnerSource style. The project has tight deadlines to meet.


  • By default, humans will be resistant to change if they have no compelling reason to change.
  • Pressure (in this case induced by the project being a pilot and also induced by the deadline) reduces the ability to change and explore new ways of working.
  • There is a natural tendency to pick low hanging fruits (e. g. tooling) and stop there.
  • For InnerSource to blossom, a critical mass of experienced developers which can walk the talk is required.


  • The team is not able to demonstrate any increases in quality or speed, because they did not adopt any of the principles of OSS development.
  • As a result, the InnerSource approach is discredited.

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