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InnerSource Commons Fall Summit 2017 Planning

Tim Yao edited this page Nov 1, 2016 · 2 revisions


  • September 27-29 (Wed-Fri), 2017


  • Nokia at Naperville, IL

Publicity / marketing

  • This is mostly intended for those who are responsible for inner sourcing in their organization
  • Developers, execs, CTO, PjM


Introductory sessions

  • for those new to Inner Sourcing - half a day or less?
    • InnerSourcing 101
    • Intro to patterns for InnerSourcing
  • perhaps adjust the schedule according to what people signing up want/need

Case studies

  • Need folks to volunteer


  • Session to present and celebrate successes of the patterns community (I think we'll have some really good patterns by then).
  • Individual pattern analyses and discussions (e.g., how to adapt them to individual situations)
  • Pattern mining (InnerSource problems, titles, things that work)
  • Pattern language


  • Introductions (at the beginning)
  • Retrospective (at the end)
  • Schedule a photo session/group photo
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