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Pattern: Share Your Code to Get More Done Likely Contributors Variant

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##Title Share Your Code to Get More Done - Likely Contributors Variant


  • Development on a specific product is siloed and a finite number of developers are involved in development activity
  • Development progress is not moving fast enough
  • Developers are being asked to do more work than they can accomplish
  • Other developers are likely to work on the product if the opportunity to participate existed
  • Current developers are working near maximum efficiency


  • Developers do not realize that they can get more done by taking advantage of Inner Sourcing
  • Developers continue to work in their silo or alone and never take the time invest in moving to Inner Sourcing
  • Project Teams need a compelling reason to invest some time to make the change


  • Developers have no extra time to shift to Inner Sourcing
  • Management has not prioritized a shift to Inner Sourcing
  • Adding staff to get the work done using traditional methods is not possible
  • The value of Inner Sourcing is not included in the project plan

Sketch (optional)


  • Leverage existing case studies and collateral from Inner Source Commons to educate management on the value of investing in Inner Sourcing.
  • Work with planning team to document an alternative project plan with some inner sourcing activities and estimated benefits from realistic expected participation
  • Move the product code to an Inner Source compatible solution and open the code
  • Assign a portion of the developers time to work as reviewers to ensure inner sourcing activities are successful
  • Recruit potential contributors and inform them of the availability of the opportunity to participate
  • Align incentives to participation for both existing developers and contributors to encourage behavior

Resulting Context

  • Development previously done in a silo is on the inner source system
  • People from outside the traditional silo are contributing successfully
  • More development is getting done per period (sprint)

Rationale (optional)

Known instances (optional)




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