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Pattern: change the developers mindset

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Change the developers mindset


  • Top-down inner source support
  • 3k population of developers
  • Middle Management is not supporting inner source
  • There's already a succesfull group in the early stages
  • Code visibility is product dependent


  • Change developer mindset, it's difficult to push developers to do things.
  • Developers are resisting the change, they are in their comfort zone and it's hard to go out.
  • Developer organizations maturity is high, so people are used to being in some hierarchy/rules
  • Developers are formed in agile, the shift from agile is difficult


  • Manager are previous developers, so they like the way they were promoted and they want to proceed in similar ways
  • Manager restrict where developers can spend time on
  • Top-down approach to the inner source
  • Different teams within the company have to decide to proceed with inner source
  • No formal training
  • Processes are not clear

Sketch (optional)


  • Showing reward/recognition of the developer team
  • Formalize training
  • Clarify more processes
  • Give middle management specific objectives to make inner source succesfull
  • Listen to manager complaints and fears and count on them

Resulting Context

  • Use of the several projects across the several development teams
  • Collaboration within the same developer team (mentorship and so on)

Rationale (optional)

Known instances (optional)


Pattern Idea

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