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Potential Pattern Titles

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Some of these may be patterns; others may be pattern ideas. Take these and see if you can develop a proven DRAFT pattern or a pattern idea out of them.

  • Appeal to the four personas: Killer (risk of rockstar culture), social aspect, explorer, heart (care bear) – core gamification personas
  • Explicitly recognizing cross training – the more you can teach, the more value you bring
  • Pull request culture
  • Silo pyro
  • Teach the obsessive-compulsive person (introduce small errors)
  • There’s no I in code
  • Open source is people; Inner source is people!
  • You are what you measure
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • Fortune favors the bold (Be Bold is the motto of Wikipedia; you have to have the courage to do this)
  • What got you here won’t get you anything different.
  • Crafted code over cowboy code
  • Actionable documentation
  • Encourage apprenticeship model
  • Seed money
  • Cheese interface
  • Edges in is easier than center out (for first implementation)
  • 10% Trusted Committership
  • Trusted Committers should have a dedicated sprint (dedicated job)
  • Creating a rockstar culture (depends on the culture)
  • Break the hierarchy (don’t do what your boss told you to do)
  • Create a compassionate culture (make it safe for people to disagree)
  • Anti-patterns: avoid wizard hell
  • It’s not your code
  • Developers scratch your own itch
  • When work gives you a rash, scratch it
  • Come for the code, stay for the community—I’m a part of a club I want to be in
  • Shirtify (given to core committers; visibility inside the company); or Swagify
  • 100% Community Leader (works on the project full time)
  • Stop escalation (deflect the Cheese); escalation intervention; Cutting the cheese cycle
  • Go outside to win inside
  • Extrinsic rewards
  • Trusted Committers
  • Dedicated facilitation
  • Share your work to get more done
  • Free electrons (create a space for people to work outside of their organizations (outside of the other forces))
  • Mentorship raises all ships
  • Mimicking enlightened self interest (Eric Raymond quote: nobody does everything for free; they’re getting something from it, including interesting work when their day job is boring)
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