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About Innmind

This Innmind organization intends to prove a theory of consciousness.

To try to reach this goal this organization provides high level abstractions and tools (mixing Object Oriented and Functional programming) that can be used in any project.

Some of the most important packages:

Some useful tools:

Sister organization

Formal is an organization attached to this one but is focused on data persistence.


  1. framework framework Public

    PHP 3

  2. BlackBox BlackBox Public

    PHP 38 2

  3. OperatingSystem OperatingSystem Public

    PHP 7

  4. Immutable Immutable Public

    Wrappers for PHP primitives allowing immutable structures

    PHP 69 5

  5. AMQP AMQP Public

    PHP 1 1

  6. macOS-tooling macOS-tooling Public

    App to display all dependency graphs for all packages

    Swift 3


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