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RedOps is a open source web based platform that allows you to perform and manage Red Teaming operations.
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RedOps is a open source web based platform that allows you to perform and manage Red Teaming operations.



  • Create audits (projects)
  • Add Companies to audit
  • Add Domains to audit
  • Search domains from a company
  • Search subdomains from a domain
  • Find open ports from a host and clasify services
  • Identify technologies from a web service
  • Directory fuzzing from a webpage

You can also:

  • Export information
  • Visualize metrics an KPIs


RedOps consists on three main parts:

  • Main Server: It is the main server wich has a web server with the GUI to interoperate with the system. This server stores all the information of the audits. This server is made with Laravel and with Gentalella front template. In order to improve performance doing jobs, the web server uses websockets, to notify the UI.
  • Agents: An agent is a piece of software that acts as an executor of the jobs queued by the audit in order to do some tasks. In order to execute these tasks, an agent invokes modules to execute
  • Modules: A module is a simple script that executes a jobs and returns some objects found during the execution.



For the correct operation of RedOps, the following requirements are necessary.

Requirement Link
Node 11.x
Python 3.x


You can check the following links for more information on the different installation parts:

Also, you can see our Wiki.


GNU General Public License v3.0 - LICENSE

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