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MINOR Removed duplicated 'additional requirements' from docs

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@@ -58,23 +58,6 @@ have an empty repository set up, either in git or subversion.
If you don't use version control, we recommend that you stick to the official []( instead.
-### Additional Requirements ###
- * The **php commandline utility** (to run scripts in the `tools/` folder)
- * A **git client** to check out the core repositories, see ["Getting started with Git and Github"](
- * (optional) **Piston** ([website]( A thirdparty tool to manage files from an external repository.
-It is our recommended way to include modules when you start your own project, and still provide an easy way to update from our repository.
-You will need Ruby and the ["Rubygems"]( package manager to install it: `gem install piston` **MS: this is duplicated from the above section**
- * A **webserver+database environment** to run SilverStripe (see [server requirements](/misc/server-requirements)).
-Note for Windows users: The installation process assumes a Linux/Unix/OSX system.
-Most commands are the same for Windows, but you will have to use the `*.bat` scripts instead for anything in the `tools/` folder
-(e.g. `tools/new-project.bat` instead of `tools/new-project`).
-<div class="warning" markdown="1">
-Scripts in the `tools/` folder are still under development and might change over time.
### Step 1: Getting the installer
* Create a new project repository in your own version control (we assume the working copy folder is called `my-silverstripe-project/`)
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