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This is was created from the 12dict project by Alan Beale and dwyl/english-words. Only blacklisted words were removed.

Blacklist strengths

Light - Removes all obscene words and profanity.

Medium - Removes all negative slang, derogatory phrases, profanity, and references to dangerous items (substances, weapons, etc). Will not remove words that might be offensive.

Full - Removes anything remotely controversial, including some references to religion (only those that could be offensive), and everything included in medium. In addition, any word not suitable for explaining to a baby is removed. All potentially offensive words are removed. In addition, any nuisance words (like one-letter entries except for 'a' and 'i') will be removed.

dict4schools strengths

Simple has words that an ordinary person would know. Complex has most words in the English language (not including coined words) Full is a combination of simple and complex, with repeats taken out . Uncensored is the entire dictionary uncensored, complete with my technical wordlist.


Just run bash in the dict4schools folder (make sure you've got all of the submodules). Make sure you have pv installed.


For spellcheckers (such as in Vim), use spell/en.utf-8.add or spell/uncensored/en.utf-8.add which contains the full dict4schools and the uncensored list respectively. An example config is as follows:

set spelllang=en
set spellfile=~/git/dict4schools/spell/en.utf-8.add
setlocal spell
exec 'silent mkspell! ' &spellfile

Use the last line if you want the spellfile to regenerate every time you open up Vim (highly useful for me when updating this repo).

Credits & Contributions

Contributions are always welcome! Just submit a pull request or create a new issue. This is in use in some projects, and any new additions to improve dict4schools are welcome.

Too many friends and strangers have helped in the creation of the blacklist to name. tsbuilderboy added the vast majority of the blacklist words.


A children-friendly dictionary, with unsafe words removed








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