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* Added developer mode

* Automatically installs docker on debian

* Added fi to complete if statement

* Added quotes around platform command

* Fixed typo from darwin>debian (probably atom's fault)

* Set to use install script at

* Updated docker build

* Fixed build issues

* Switched to debian:latest which should ensure max compatibility

* Made it easier and faster to build

* Updated amd64 dockerfile and removed unnecessary code

* Added nopass option, which should fix #7

* Uncommented a line

* Fixed a typo

* Replaced mkdir with useradd -m

* Exposed both udp and tcp ports

* Only exposed 1194/udp

* Added 1194/udp to detect_port

* Added note about the devel branch

* Added note about TCP

* Changed latest to stretch

* Changed latest to stretch

* Fixed issues mentioned in #9

* Fixed issues mentioned in #9

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PiVPN Docker

A simple docker container that sets up PiVPN.

Install and Config

Type in:

curl -L -o
sudo bash

For most use cases, you just need to press enter all the way through your prompts.

Usage: <options>
   -h --help                Show help
   -b --build               Builds dockerfile
   -c --config <amount>     Specify the amount of client configs you want
   -r --rand <amount>       Specify the amount of random data (100's of bytes) that you want your Docker container to be seeded with

Note: Usage on ARM is not fully supported yet, although feel free to help out in this area. Also, PiVPN over TCP is not supported.

Credits & Contributions

Visit PiVPN's GitHub at

Contributions are always welcome! Just submit a pull request, and I'll review it. Please note that newest features are on the devel branch.