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What is TrollEdit?

TrollEdit is a Qt based text editor developed by students at Slovak University of Technology.

The main goal of the project is to teach students open source deveopmnet and team management. TrollEdit itself is an experiment to utilize full AST code analysis during writing of code. This can have benefits in various common tasks such as moving blocks of code, syntax checking, syntax highlighting etc.

This repository contains a fork of the project which I modified to use CMake based build system instead of the default qmake. Other modifications include statically linked in lpeg and reordered project file structure.

Setting up in QTCreator (2.0 Beta recomended)

  • Open CMakeLists.txt in project browse dialog.

  • Configure CMake with no additional args.

  • Add argument “install” to build step “make”, this will install builds to [path_to_project]/TrollEdit with all resources - Add custom executable pointing to [path_to_project]/TrollEdit/trolledit with workdir set to [path_to_project]/TrollEdit - Build/Debug/Code as needed.

TrollEdit features

* Multiplatform editor
* Extensible for any language (proper grammar needed)
* Documentation block support
* Graphics visualization
* Images support
* Syntax control and highlighting
* Multidocument support


Email: tp-team-10 [at] googlegroups.com