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GSoC Release

@Inokinoki Inokinoki released this
· 2 commits to hexo since this release
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Release for Google Summer of Code evaluation

  • Signed but not notarised
  • Signed and notarised, get rid of qca-at5, rpath fixed(recommend)


  • If you met the problem in the following picture, right click on and reopen it.
  • Please ensure your app package for KDE Connect is, not kdeconnect-indicator or something else. This will lead to a failure booting of kdeconnectd and other executables in the package.

Install with Homebrew Cask:

There is Homebrew Cask receipt:

cask 'kdeconnect' do
  version '20190901'
  sha256 '871d0be35e931b1ce5eee37eb4ca6927557484bf158c1ab46727f0e8939a34f9'

  url "{version}/"
  appcast ''
  name 'KDE Connect'
  homepage ''

  app ''

But it's rejected by Homebrew workgroup, as the repo is not notable enough.

You can use the command to add it into your own Homebrew receipt:

brew cask create kdeconnect

Then delete the auto-generated content, paste the content, save and exit.

Finally, install it:

brew cask install kdeconnect