Parses dbc file data into a MySql database
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You will need a mpq extractor to get the dbc files from the client for example:

Ladik's MPQ Editor

Nice to have but not a must is a DBC tool which can show the content of the dbc files, this will help you to find the information,
you need.

I not gonna write for now a tutorial how to use such tools there should be enough of them to find one easy with google.

This works only with MySql.

I wrote this long time back for one of my projects, it was very specific written for it and I currently rewrite this for a more
general use, its still work in progress.
While I wrote this with allowing to parse for strings several languages at once this dont work currently.
Best is to leave everything to "en" even you gonna parse a different languages, just put those files into the "en" folder.
Also it seems some dbc files were changed and cant be parsed.

If you dont want to have the work to build structures yourself then you can just use Parse DBC data after setting up the config,
it includes ready to use structures for faction,itemclass,itemsubclass,skilline,achievement_criteria.

This allows to lookup the names for: minFactionId, itemClass, itemSubClass, requiredSkill, achievement_criteria names and for which achievement they are.

How to use:

Open the config.php.sample and set the needed variables, save it as config.php and create the database(s)

Next you need to put the dbc files you wanna parse into the subdirectoy "dbc\en".

Now you can start the script from a commandline with php index.php

Choose now option 1 to generate raw structures, these will be placed in the sub directory "raw_struct"

In that file is now for every column in the dbc file "$this->GetUnknown()", because there is not meta saying what column hold which data,
the unknown means the raw data is parsed.

You can specifiy now different types based on what kind of data it is (to figure that a dbc tool is really helpfull), you have the choice between:

Attention: As for now lang should be ALWAYS "en"

Those values are a must, optional as last paramater you can add "primary" to set the field as a primary key, you can set more than one
as a primary then a composite primary key will be created.

If you are done setting up the files, copy all the files from "raw_struct" to "final_struct"

Now press 2 to generate the final structure, the script will exit and you need to restart it

Press 3 and all the dbc files will parsed and put into the database you specified, its not needed to create any tables that is done automatic.

I left a little example in how those structures could look for the ItemSubclass db, to use it just goto

"dbc\en" rename "ItemSubClass.dbc.sample" to "ItemSubClass.dbc"
"raw_structs" rename "ItemSubClass.dbc.sample" to "ItemSubClass.dbc"

Generate a final struct from script and parse dbc data.