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Opencore Emulated NVRAM for Non Supported NVRAM Motherboards

This is a small guide for users of opencore, that don't have working NVRAM, There are certain motherboards that will not support native NVRAM including Z390.

Creating Your NVRAM.plist

So to create a nvram.plist, two aspects are needed in your config.plist:

LegacyEnable: set to YES

LegacySchema: NVRAM variables set (OpenCore compares these to the variables present in nvram.plist)

Once those are set, Compile the latest version of OpenCore and you want to run the LogoutHook.command found in OpenCore - EFI/OC/Utilities/LogoutHook.command This will create a new folder, which dumps the basic output. And you'll find a plist file named nvram.plist. Place this in the root of your EFI Folder and you'll now have emulated NVRAM.



sudo defaults write LogoutHook /path/to/LogoutHook.command


LogoutHook.command highly depends on macOS nvram utility supporting -x option, which is unavailable on 10.12 and below. (Our nvram.mojave somehow fixes that issue by invoking it instead of system one)

Newly Created NVRAM.plist

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