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Cordova Plugin For Insert Framework

The purpose of this code is to allow hybrid applications to use the native Pendo Mobile SDK (formerly Insert SDK). Using the Pendo Mobile SDK together with this plug-in allows a hybrid app to trigger inserts using custom code.

Important Deprecation Note

Please note that this Cordova Plug-in is no longer recommended for use. Pendo customers using Cordova are encouraged to use the Pendo Agent solution. For more information please go to the Pendo Help Center at


Create apps in the Insert console

For each of your cordova apps you have to create an Insert app in the Insert console.

Open the Insert console in your account and select "Apps". Click the "Add New App" button and follow the instructions.

For each Insert App open the "SDK Integration" section and collect the information mentioned below. (See "Collect required variables for plugin installation" section)
You need to provide the information you've seen in the insert console as plugin variables during the plugin's installation.
You can ignore all the setup instructions in the insert console, since this plugin handles everything for you automatically.

Collect required variables for plugin installation

All supported platforms need


This is equal to your subdomain but you can also find it in the SDK Integrations document under "Step 3" in the initSDK code call.



You get it from "Step 2: Manifest file" of the SDK Integration instructions.

<data android:scheme="insert-hexnumber"/> use only the hexnumber

This hexnumber is your ANDROID_URL_ID.


From Step 3: Add Initialization Code


This also shows your COMPANY_NAME again.



You get it from "Step 2: Set a URL Scheme" of the SDK Integration instructions.

Set URL Schemes to insert-hexnumber. use only the hexnumber

This hexnumber is your IOS_URL_ID.


You get it from "Step 3: Add Initialization Code

[[InsertManager sharedManager]
initSDK:@"IOS_APP_KEY" companyName: @"COMPANY_NAME"];

This also shows your COMPANY_NAME again.

Adding the Pendo Mobile SDK to your Cordova app

1) git clone (clone it into some directory, e.g: /path/to/cordovaInsertPluginFolder)
2) cd  /path/to/cordovaInsertPluginFolder
3) git checkout hotfix/pure_js_plugin (This is the plugin version for the pure JS)
4) cd /path/to/your/project/ 
5) cordova plugin add --save /path/to/cordovaInsertPluginFolder --variable COMPANY_NAME="yourcompanyname" --variable ANDROID_APP_KEY=“appKeyHere” --variable ANDROID_URL_ID=“urlHexIdHere”

Remember to specify all --variable for your platform(s):

iOS Android
--variable IOS_APP_KEY --variable ANDROID_APP_KEY
--variable IOS_URL_ID --variable ANDROID_URL_ID

You always have to specify the COMPANY_NAME but can omit ANDROID_??? or IOS_??? keys if you don't have an app for that platform or don't want to use Insert in this app.


How to use

Example usage:

  • First, call window.cordova.plugins.InsertIO.initSDK(userAttributes, visitorId, accountId) as early as possible in your app flow. (The parameters userAttributes, visitorId and accountId can be null)
  • Within the Insert console go to your app and create a custom event (say "userLogin").
  • Create a new insert and under the Triggers tab use a trigger type of custom event. Select "userLogin" as the event.
  • In your javascript code use the following code to trigger the insert: window.cordova.plugins.InsertIO.eventOccurred('userLogin', {});

##The functions that the plugin exports are:

  1. initSDK(userAttributes, visitorId, accountId) - should always be called as early as possible
  2. dismissVisibleInserts() - in order to dismiss all visible inserts.
  3. eventOccured(event, params) (As demonstrated in the example)
  4. setUserAttributes(userAttrMap) - set the user attributes.
  5. setPushId(id) - to set the push id.

Push support

  1. Add push notification plugin (

    cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-push
  2. In your project root folder, add the following inside config.xml

    <platform name="android">
      <resource-file src="google-services.json" target="google-services.json" />
  3. Add this code in your index.js in the onDeviceReady function:

	var push = PushNotification.init({
        "android": {
            "senderID": "YOUR_SENDER_ID_HERE"

    push.on('registration', function(data) {
         console.log("gcm registration");

    push.on('notification', function(data) {

    push.on('error', function(e) {

  1. You're ready to go. Enter insert console and configure your push insert.


The Insert Cordova plug-in is licensed under the Apache 2 license