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Inside Energy's Data Battery

The Data Battery is where we store the data that powers our reporting.

This repo contains all datasets used in Inside Energy's stories, except for major projects. To see data used in our major projects, please visit our main page.

If you have questions, comments, or (especially) suggestions about how to make our repository better or about how we can improve our transparency, please contact Alisa Barba, at

Date Story Title GitHub Folder
May 3, 2017 Colorado Governor Orders Review Of All Oil And Gas Operations 20170503-populated-areas-and-wells
April 6, 2017 Filling In The Natural Gas Gaps 20170406-rural-nat-gas
March 1, 2017 Beyond Standing Rock Data Companion 20170301-beyond-standing-rock-data-companion
August 30, 2016 IE Questions: Is A Petroleum Engineering Degree A Good Idea? 20160830-oil-prices-and-jobs
August 4, 2016 Why Everyone In Colorado Is Fighting Over Your Signature 20160804-ballot-measure-money
May 26, 2016 How Much Should You Spend On Energy? Answering Your Questions 20160525-liheap-state-proportions
May 3, 2016 Listen To U.S. Coal Production Fall Off A Cliff 20160503-coal-production-sonification
April 29, 2016 IE Questions: What Size Wind Generator Does And Average House Need? 20160429-small-wind-capacity
February 23, 2016 Wage Theft Claims Surge As Oil Prices Fall 20160223-wage-theft
December 9, 2015 Quiz: How Much Energy Does It Take To Make Your Food? 20151208-food-energy
November 14, 2015 In Coal Country, No Cash In Hand For Billions In Cleanup 20151113-coal-bonding
October 1, 2015 The Rising Cost Of Cleaning Up After Oil And Gas 20151001-well-plugging-costs
September 23, 2015 Hacking The Grid: Rural Colorado And The Realities Of Cybersecurity 20150923-grid-cybersecurity
August 24, 2015 To Mine Or Not To Mine? Is That The Question? 20150824-coal-basins-snapshot
August 17, 2015 Wyoming Town Built On Coal Contemplates Its Future 20150817-coal-employment-BLS
August 8, 2015 IE Questions: Do I Use More Gas In My Car With My A/C On Or My Windows Down? 20150811-fuel-use-AC
August 3, 2015 The Clean Power Plan: Colorado, Wyoming And North Dakota 20150803-CPP-final-rule
May 13, 2015 Low Oil Prices And The Surprisingly Exciting World Of Mineral Auctions 20150513-nd-mineral-auctions
May 2, 2015 Oil Boom Brings New Diversity To Rural Western States 20150502-wyoming-diversity
April 30, 2015 Amidst Low Prices, North Dakota Scrambles To Change Oil Tax Rate 20150430-oilgas-taxrev
April 28, 2015 IE Questions: In Wyoming, How Much Coal Does A Miner Mine? 20150428-coal-production-employment
April 18, 2015 Federal Regulations Drive The Past And Future Of Coal 20150418-coal-production
March 26, 2015 IE Questions: What Is The Real Impact of Low Oil Prices On Hiring? 20150326-oilprices-hiring
March 3, 2015 Solar Economics Looking Sunnier, Even In Coal Country 20140822-solar-installations
January 27, 2015 Wyoming Hosts First Wastewater-Powered Data Center In U.S. 20150127-data-center-energy-use
January 21, 2015 Slaying The Debt Monster: Finances Of 10 Oil And Gas Companies In Colorado 20150121-oilgas-financial-indicators
December 22, 2014 IE Questions: What Are “Unproved” Reserves And Why Should You Care? 20141222--proved-unproved-reserves
November 21, 2014 IE Questions: Private Versus Public Oil And Gas 20141121-co-oilandgas-private-or-public
September 15, 2014 America’s Most Dangerous Jobs 20140915-workplace-fatalities
September 15, 2014 Dark Side Of The Boom: How Dangerous Is Too Dangerous? 20140915-mining-worker-fatalities
August 22, 2014 Rooftop Solar: The Next iPod? 20140822-solar-installations

This was created by Jordan Wirfs-Brock and Catherine Roberts for Inside Energy. Last updated 4/6/2017.