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Clean Power Plan State Targets

This repository contains the final and draft state emissions rate targets for power plants as outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. It also includes the electricity generation mix for Inside Energy's three focus states, Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming, from April 2015.

What's in this repository?

This repository includes the data used for the graphics in the Inside Energy story, "The Clean Power Plan: Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota".

Data dictionary

This repository has both the final (announced August 2015) and draft (announced June 2014) emissions goals from the CPP. The file CPP-State-Targets-Final.csv includes the fields State; 2012 Emission Baseline (lbs/MWh) for Net Electricity Generation; 2030 Goal (lbs/MWh) for Net Electricity Generation; Percent Reduction in Emissions Rate. The file CPP-State-Targets-Draft.csv includes the fields state; 2012 Fossil, Renewable and Nuclear Rate (lbs/MWh); 2030 State Goal (lbs/MWh)(Announced 2014); Percent Reduction.

Note that in the final rules, emissions goals are not included for Alaska, Hawaii and Vermont.

This repository also includes the electricity generation mix from April 2015 for the U.S., Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming. The file Electricity-Generation-Type-CO-ND-WY-Apr-2015.csv includes the fields Electricity Generation Type (which lists total net generation, petroleum-fired, natural gas-fied, coal-fired, nuclear, hydroelectric, and other renewables by both percent of generation and total amount in thousands of MWh), U.S., Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming.

Note that the data for elecricity generation by type only covers April 2015.

Data Sources

The original source of the emissions targets is the EPA's Clean Power Plan website. The final emissions rate targets are available on the Clean Power Plan rule page in "Data File: Goal Computation Appendix". The baseline emissions rate used in the final rule is found in the State-Specific Fact Sheets.