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Colorado Oil and Gas Issue Committee Contributions and Expenditures

This repository contains information on contributions and spending for the issue committees supporting Colorado's proposed oil and gas ballot initiatives, 75 and 78, in the 2016 election cycle. This data was used in the Inside Energy story, 'Why Everyone in Colorado is Fighting Over Your Signature', and video, 'Money And The Fight Over Your Signature'.

What's in this folder?

Data files:

  • contributions-75-78.csv - A CSV file with issue committee contributions.
  • expenditures-75-78.csv - A CSV file with issue committee expenditures.
  • campaign-money-75-78.xlsx - An Excel file that has the contributions and expenditures information as separate sheets, as well as a summary sheet with totals by issue committee.

Where does this data come from?

All campaign finance data was downloaded directly from the Colorado Secretary of State's TRACER campaign financing database. Inside Energy downloaded finance summaries and contribution and expenditure reports for the following issue committees working on the oil and gas ballot measures (links go to TRACER summaries):

Inside Energy identified these committees by reading the descriptions of all issue committees registered since 2014 and looking for relevant topics (oil and gas, measures 75 and 78). Note that Coloradans for Responsible Reform is involved in several ballot initiatives in addition to 75 and 78.

Inside Energy also looked at issue committees working on measure 96, which deals with the number of votes required to ammend Colorado's constitution:

This data is up to date as of August 1, 2016 - the date when issue committees were required to file reports for any contributions and expenditures on or before July 27, 2016.


When Inside Energy refers to "all contributions," we are including both monetary and non-monetary contributions (i.e., this does include in-kind services). When we refer to spending, we mean expenditures (i.e., this does not include in-kind services).


Contact Jordan Wirfs-Brock: jordanwb@insideenergy.org